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Congratulations graduate! A shift in perspective

For any of us who have graduated from anything, we know that one of the best feelings in the world is getting that letter that starts with "Congratulations graduate!" Even though we know we have done the work to earn these words, it still makes us feel good to have this sentiment expressed to us.

So I am here to say to you today congratulations graduates. You have graduated from in spite of to because of. You made it through certain things in spite of the depression. In spite of the abuse. In spite of the hurt. In spite of the failure. But now you have graduated to making it because of courage. Because of perseverance. Because of conviction. Because of obedience. You have graduated from being successful in spite of the naysayers. In spite of the back stabbers. In spite of the trap layers. To being successful because of being loving. Because of your loyalty. Because of your determination.

So again I say to you today,

congratulations graduate! You did it!

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