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Crazy Talk

I have this poster on the wall in my office. I put it above my desk intentionally because I needed help. How does this poster help me? Thanks for asking. It helps me to stop the crazy talk.

What is crazy talk? Again, thanks for asking. Crazy talk is all of the stuff I used to say to myself that was not true. The stuff that was below my standard. Things that others may have said that I was repeating. The words that came from a place of hurt and lack of healing. Crazy talk is when I speak things that are opposite of what God has said about me.

The poster says I AM (and yes, I am going to list all of the words)

  • bold (it says this twice)

  • elegant

  • soulful

  • virtuous

  • fierce (it actually says this three times)

  • unique

  • kind (it says this twice as well)

  • sensational

  • fearless

  • radiant

  • strong

  • lovely

  • wise

  • loud

  • outrageous

  • independent

  • Africa

  • woman

  • hypnotic

  • joyful

  • grounded

  • wisdom

  • natural

  • sensual

  • talented

  • brilliant

  • resilient

  • breathtaking

  • beautiful

  • captivating

Read that list again (and again and again and again if you need to).

We start to believe the things that we rehearse. It gets down in our spirit, consumes our minds, and comes out of our mouth so effortlessly that it is scary. Think about when you do something and it is less than what you expected, what do you say? "I'm so stupid." "Dummy." "I can't do anything right." "No one will want me." "I'm too...." "I wish I was more...".

How often do we say positive things about ourselves? We look for affirmation from others, but we need to learn to affirm ourselves. What we say to ourselves should have a greater impact than anything anyone else could ever say - except for God of course. We have to train our minds and our mouths to speak beautiful things and stop the crazy talk.

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