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Putting It All Together

You got an idea.

You brainstormed.

You prayed.

You collected opinions from others.

NOW.... What do you do? How do you put it all together? My answer for you is one that you may not find useful. You do what works for you and you put it together in a way that works for you.

A lesson that I have learned is that the more I tried to follow someone else's formula for how something should go, the more frustrated and behind I found myself. When I allowed myself to flow and "Mosadify it", as one of my former co-workers would say, the better I felt and the more natural it was.

In the picture, you can see different types of fasteners. Every type of fastener is not ideal for every type of thing that needs to be pulled together. Some will require a paper clip, some a rubber band, etc. For the things you are trying to put together, some will require you to do it alone, some will require a team, some will take a month, and some will take a year.

Do what works for you! It is ok to get guidance from someone who may have the experience that you do not have but do not allow your fingerprint to be wiped off the thing that is uniquely yours. There is a difference between an outline and a blueprint.

Create your own thing and be the solution to a problem.

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