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Premature Practice

I was sitting in my bed studying and when I looked down, this was what I saw through the lens of my glasses. In that moment, the thought that came to me was that we must study to be the best at what we were called to be. The Word even tells us that in II Timothy. So many people have one experience with something and call themselves an expert. I am not downplaying experiences, but I am saying that we need to take experience and strengthen it with prayer and knowledge. We must be able to speak and move confidently in the arena that we are called to or are speaking out about. It is ok to slow down and fine tune our craft or genre of purpose. If we do not invest the time to learn thoroughly what we believe we were called to do then are we really prepared to move in it? People are mentally and emotionally injured when we prematurely practice our callings. Be intentional. Someone is waiting for you to get it right. #ThePurposePromoter #DoItonPurpose #OnPurposeForPurpose #prematurepractice #spiritualhomicide 

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