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When spirits connect

So let me tell you about this woman right here.  On my adventure to Costa Rica I was extremely nervous because I didn't know any of the women that were going to be in the group. We always hear women say that they don't deal with women, because women can't get along. That was not my attitude at all. I was super excited about who I would meet and what my experiences would be because I am with groups of women often and we get along just fine. I was a little nervous, however, about my roommate because that's different from just hanging out with somebody. 

When I walked into the room she was already there, and I came in asking questions and talkin and probably getting on her nerves. But when we began to engage in conversation she was the sweetest person ever and she had this extremely cool British accent. Cooler than that, was the fact that she brought me a gift. It wasn't the gift itself that was so amazing, it was the fact that she thought about me and gave me something that was personalized. She didn't have to do that but she did. She said that God put it on her heart to bless me with something. That was so special to me because what it said to me was that God can show you love not just through people you know but also through complete strangers.  Each night before we went out for our group activity, we took a roommate selfie. We smiled, we laughed, we smized, we ducked lipped.  

But on the last morning before we were ready to depart, we prayed. An impromptu, heartfelt, heavy Holy Spirit presence prayer. 

 It started as just listening to some songs and before you knew it we had entered into full fledged warfare. This came as no surprise to us however because we had both prayed before we got there that we would make divine connections. That's exactly what happened.  We processed this whole thing and got a couple of revelations before we even got to the front gate to leave.  I will share some of those in the next blog entry.  At any rate, what we do know is that God has no geographical boundaries about how and when He wants his word and kingdom work to go forth!  When spirits connect, amazing things happen.  

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