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Touch Your DREAM

So here it is! The book that I said was coming is here. I can touch it. I can smell it. I can see it. It is here!

I was so blessed to have the company of many powerful women to celebrate my book launch. We had no books, but we definitely launched. So you're probably asking how did you have a book launch with no books.  When you are in a room full of #blackgirlmagic, it's easy!

We smiled. We hugged. We networked. And we talked about our dreams.  There were those of us who  hid  and tried to forgo  having to speak  out loud , and there were those who spoke boldly  and without  hesitation.  But all were welcome. Some of our

dreams were simple and some were out of this world, but they were ours. Not mine, not hers, but ours. They became ours because we put them in the atmosphere in a room full of fellow dreamers. We listened and we celebrated.  We encouraged and we instructed. We connected and we collaborated.

Before we began the dream Kumbaya, I told this room of beauty what I thought about when I thought about my book being a tangible DREAM. It is my:

Decision to stop allowing my past to hold me hostage.

Realization that The Plan is bigger than me and of hard work and collaboration.

Expectation that it would help someone else to heal and that God would use me for that purpose.

Acceptance that this was my destiny and that I had to do it in the midst of my fear.

Manifestation of visions and hopes.

As I continue to DREAM I encourage you to do the same and watch the amazing happen! 

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