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What I learned playing Candy Crush

Have you ever been playing candy crush and you are down to 2 moves and you stare at the screen trying to decide if you're going to make a striped candy or a fish and you wish there were 5 colors next to each other so you could make that multi colored power candy thing?

You look at the game and you think "I only have 2 moves. I am not going to win". You still try to be strategic but you KNOW those 2 moves will not result in a win. Then the game starts blinking telling you which candy to move. It was a move that you didn't see when you were trying to figure it out on your own.

You make the move that the game told you, it releases one of those pink fish with all the pink baby fish, they eat up all the gum or whatever it is for whichever level you are on and the bear is released! You won!

That's how it is with God. We sit there and we stare at our situation thinking "I only have 2 choices". We think and analyze and ponder. What God is telling us is "I have a move that you don't see. Seek me and I will tell you which move to make. That move will release My favor, My strength, and whatever else you need... and that move will give you victory".

We have to take our hands off of the situation, be still and listen for God to tell us what our next move should be.

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