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Rock the Boat

Do ya'll remember Aaliyah's song Rock the Boat? That was the jam! I was listening to it earlier and it brought to mind how that was something I said I would do more of in 2019. That I would unlearn some behaviors and become more comfortable rocking the boat, but in a positive way.

A disruptor is "something that drastically alters or destroys the structure of something". I decided that I would become a disruptor and shake up some things that had been done the same way at work, at home, in relationships and in my spiritual life. This may be something you have thought about doing but didn't know what to call it.

Here are 3 ways that you can become a positive disruptor. These can apply to any area of your life.

1. Figure out what doesn't work anymore.

Evaluate what you or your company may be doing that doesn't work anymore. Often there are things things that are done out of habit or tradition.

In companies this is seen especially when there are employees who have been there for a long time or a person who started a certain department or process and they don't want to let it go.

In your personal life this can be seen in behaviors or habits that you don't even understand. You do it the same way all of the time, but you also get the same results. I learned that is the definition of insanity. Take a minute and think about it. What are those things?

2. Stop things that serve no purpose.

Now that you have identified those things, STOP THEM! This is probably easier to do in your personal life than it is in your professional life (or maybe vice versa...I don't know your life). Some thing at work might be as easy as changing up the format of a program that has traditionally been done. Take out parts and people that have no purpose in the program. At home, this may look like cutting out habits that cause procrastination or blockage (sometimes these are people) from doing things that really should be done. Be a disruptor in your own life!

3. Think like an outsider.

Now that you have figured out what doesn't work anymore and stopped things that serve no purpose, think like an outsider so that new thoughts, habits and traditions can be formed. If we always think like we have always thought, how in the world can anything change?

Now go out there and be a positive disruptor.

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