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Purpose Parturition

Parturition constitutes transport of the fetus and its associated membranes from the maternal to the external environment. We normally use the word birth. So here, when I refer to purpose parturition, I am talking about birthing purpose.


We hear this a lot. People talk about being pregnant with purpose and birthing purpose. Sounded weird to me the first time I heard it. As someone who has gone through the birthing process, I initially didn't understand how something that is supposed to be a good thing could be compared to something so uncomfortable and painful. Now that I have gone through my own purpose birthing, I completely get it. Let's use the parts of the definition of parturition to understand the comparison.


Transport - movement of something from one location to another. Nothing that is meant to be useful to others is meant to stay in one place. A message, a person, a program...there must be movement for it to be effective.


Fetus and its associated membranes - unborn thing and its associated/supporting parts. Your unborn purpose has to have other parts that support it in the womb and then to support it when it finally comes out of the womb. This might be research you have done, talents you possess or people who are there to support in various ways.


Movement from the maternal to external environment - the fetus is now a baby because it has been moved from the person who has nurtured it internally to now being able to be seen and embraced by the outside world. All that has been done to create, provide nutrition to, keep safe and to bring your purpose to fruition can now be seen, touched, embraced, and enjoyed by those in the world.


Now you have birthed a baby - or purpose. You will still need to care for it. You will still need to make sure that no one is abusing it. You will still desire to spend time with it. You will continue to figure out what makes it grow and what keeps it happy and at its best. Just because the baby is now birthed, you don't just abandon it.


During gestation, we prepare for the birth of our babies. Preparing for purpose is no different.

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