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I'm Dying

I am slowly fading away.  I don't see like I used to or hear like I used to. My desires are changing and I am hearing voices. I need to get my affairs in order.

But don't cry for me yet.  The death I speak of is not a physical one (even though we know we will all die one day).  It is a death to self.  As each day goes by,  I am dying more and more. 

Dying to selfishness. 

Dying to anxiety. 

Dying to desiring things that aren't in line with what God has called me to. 

Dying to fear. 

When I say that I don't see like I used to, it is because I see better spiritually and intuitively.  I hear differently because I am taking time to listen. 

I am dying and I welcome this death because it means that I can now live.  And because I live and not just exist,  hopefully others can begin to live or live better.   I welcome the use of my failures, shortcomings,  and mistakes if it means one less person has to take the long way around. 

Don't cry for me.  Cheer me on as I die this death.   

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