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My View from Here

As I am sitting here in my vehicle waiting for the rain to subside, I started thinking.  Big surprise, right?  I could be frustrated by the fact that I am already having issues with my eyes because of a major allergic reaction I had which is causing me to have to be extra careful driving in this rain.  Or I could take this involuntary pause as a moment to

be still for a listen to a just breathe.  

Listening to the rain hitting the windshield and looking at the distorted images through the raindrops made me smile a little bit.  My view from here was not ideal but it was my view.  The images that I had seen hundreds of times were not in their familiar form, but I knew they were there and I knew what they were.  

When the rain comes, things in our life may look distorted but we know that they are there and what they are despite the weird way they look because of the raindrops.  We cant let the rain frustrate us and taint our view of the familiar things in our lives. We know what and who they are.  We know they are there and will always be there.  Appreciate the known but dont be afraid of the unknown.  Right now my view from here is pretty nice.  

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