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"What I need from you is understanding. How can we communicate If you don't hear what I say? What I need from you is understanding. So simple as 1, 2,3. Understanding is what I need." 

How many of you remember this song by Xscape? That was the jam, right?!?  In our adult years, however, this plea is sometimes a problem.  We are so desirous of the understanding and approval of others that when we don't receive it, our lives are affected.  We must understand that there are some people out there that are committed to misunderstanding us.  

Regardless of what we are, say, do, give, show, or reveal they will never understand us because they simply don't want to.  For some it is intimidating to acknowledge our greatness.  The unfortunate thing is that some of those committed misunderstanders are great themselves. There is enough room for all of us (but that's another post).  

Conserve your energy, Purpose People, and put it towards your passion instead of in seeking approval.  If they are intended to be a part of your journey, it will happen.  Just trust the process.   

You got this!

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