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Purposed to Serve

Serve.  That's what I do and I love it!  I get joy out of seeing people happy, a project completed or a dream realized because I gave of my time, resources and self.  No one ever has to know that I did it.  I was told a long time ago that I had a servant's heart but that was before I knew what an honor that was.  I thought this person was telling me that I was somehow below other people.  Now that I am more spiritually attuned, I know that having a servant's heart is a blessing to the kingdom. 

 My purpose lies in serving.  I am Purposed to Serve.  That doesn't make me subservient. It makes me aware of the needs and feelings of others.  And to be honest, serving saved my life.  By serving I got to see the background and inner workings of ministry  (this is not restricted to formal church ministry).  Be it good or bad, positive or negative, my eyes and heart were opened to what true servant hood looked servants  that were educated or rich or beautiful or whatever. These servants helped me to realize that I function at my optimal level when working hard with a group of people to make something happen.

For those who have taken StrengthsQuest,  my top 5 strengths are responsibility,  restorative,  connectedness,  input and relator.   I am just naturally wired to serve.   Now here is where it gets tricky...I have to remember that everyone is not wired like me and everyone doesn't have the same purpose as I do.   Considering that,  I have to be careful not to get frustrated when someone doesn't have the same enthusiasm or (being completely transparent)  they don't reciprocate when I need something.  Anyway, the whole point is when you are Purposed to Serve, it is nothing to be ashamed of.   Wear it as a badge of Honor and know that in your serving you are making a difference.   

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