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This morning i obviously hit my snooze one time too many and found myself running extremely late for work. As I jumped up and tried to get ready, I realized I was making mistakes that weren't necessary. I was going to get there when I got there and the work would still be there.

This made me start thinking about how we sometimes operate in life. We know that there's something that we want or need to do, but we keep hitting the snooze button on it. Then when it gets to the 11th hour we want to try to rush and throw something together and end up making unnecessary mistakes.

We may have missed what we thought was the initial deadline, but trying to rush is only going to delay us more, cause us to make decisions that aren't right for us, or do things that will bring us pain later (like this toe that is going to hurt because I banged it in my haste).

We need to slow down, do it right and we'll get there at our appointed time. It will happen when it's supposed to happen how it's supposed and with whom it's supposed to happen with. Remember His timing is perfect.

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