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Just keep swimming...

I hope that no one finds this phrase offensive considering the recent flooding events here in Houston, but I found it most appropriate for what's on my mind today. For any one who is a fan of animated films like myself, Finding Nemo was really a big life lesson wrapped up in a little bitty fish. That's how we sometimes get our lessons - big life lessons wrapped up in little bitty circumstances or happenings.

Often times we find ourselves facing things that came out of no where (or at least we think) or that we got ourselves into like Nemo. And just like our little fish friend, we suffer the repercussions that come with not being obedient. Regardless of whether the situation was self-inflicted or pushed upon us, we must keep swimming.

People will exclude us, lie on us, try to sabotage us, attempt to discourage us, or even physically hurt us but we have to keep pushing. We were built to be survivors. We were made to withstand the criticism that may come our way. We were designed to overcome any negativity that tried to destroy us. Obstacles are nothing to us because we were crafted to win the race. Just keep swimming.

I heard one of my favorite quotes for the first time from Joyce Meyer. She said "You can be pitiful or powerful, but you can't be both". So we have to choose. Are we going to let the fear keep us from swimming or are we going to be as brave as little Nemo and dare to defy the odds and naysayers and backstabbers and gossipmongers? We don't have time for pity parties and drowning in sorrow. So get up! Stretch your fins! And get to swimming!

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