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Frustrated into Purpose

Have you ever been so frustrated by someone, something, or a situation that you just wanted to throw up your hands and walk away? Have you reached a point with your job, your kids, your finances etc where you feel like honestly it would just be easier to give up or give in. that place where you want to flip tables, knock stuff off of people's desks, and yell I don't give two nickels about any of this anymore. But those of us who are adults and don't have what we perceive as any other options, feel that we just have to grin and bear it in most situations. Due to personal and professional obligations (like feeding our children, paying the light bill, small things like that), we endure employment or relationships that help us to "make ends meet".

What if we used that frustration to Catapult us into our purpose?

When we talk about purpose, we often refer to our passion that will lead us the purpose. Or we talk about our pain that can turn into our purpose. We may even talk about how we spiritually came to our purpose. Being frustrated into our purposes may not be pretty and make for a lovely story, but it's real. We need to do whatever it takes to get us to take our purpose seriously. Maybe that frustration on the job is the very thing that you need to push you out of your comfort zone. Maybe that person who is constantly tapping on your last nerve is the instigator to helping you to see how you can use your purpose to move you to your next step or place. So how are you going to use your someone, something, or situation to frustrate you into your purpose?

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