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Think BIG

     Hey you!  Yes YOU!  What do you think of yourself? Most will say "I love me!" I want you to take a minute and reflect on what you REALLY think about yourself. The things you do and engage in will help you know what you think of yourself.  The habits you indulge in will absolutely show you what you think.  Who you surround yourself with can help give insight as well.

     A negative view of self can cause you to shrink back from who you could be if you walked in your fullness. If you feel unworthy,  then you won't go full force. You shrink because not only do you think others don't believe in you but you don't believe in yourself. 

Stop playing small.   I want to encourage you think BIG! B. I. G.

Believe you are worth it. You have to change your mindset about yourself.  What you believe is what will manifest.

Internalize your greatness. You are amazing.   Your strengths and your flaws have come together to create this person who carries something unique and beautiful.   Let that get in your spirit. 

Give yourself some credit. Stop underplaying your accomplishments,  intelligence,  and originality.    Don't worry about others thinking you are bragging.  It is ok to speak well of yourself.

In this year,  I am going to think B.I.G.  Will you join me?

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