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Happy Fatherless Day:  Entry 2

January 2017 Just this past year (2016) I decided to write to him and get it all off my chest.  I wrote the letter in 2016 but could not gather the courage to send it until 2017. I expressed to him the disappointment, rejection and hurt I felt... how I have graduated 4 times between high school and college and he has never been I walked down the aisle by my children have never met him but have features or mannerisms like I felt that if he had done a father's job then I wouldn't have gone through some of the things that I did. I decided to write him to let him know what I thought of his decisions. 

 I also wrote him to let him know that I forgave him and that the older I have gotten the more i realize that life happens and none of us are perfect. I wrote him to release him and myself. I no longer desired to hold either of us hostage to feelings of rejection, abandonment or guilt. He did something I never thought he would do. He wrote me back.... 

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