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The Point of Your Purpose

When contemplating your purpose it is important to be aware of the reason for that purpose. You can know WHAT your purpose is but you must also know WHY your purpose exists.

You know what a spoon is but you must know that its purpose is to stir and to get food from your plate to your mouth. My pastor, Bishop Shelton Bady says "if you don't understand the purpose of something, you are destined to misuse it". This would look like us trying to use a spoon to sweep the floor or start our car. Sounds silly right? That's just as silly as us taking our God-given purpose and using it for something that it wasn't meant for.

So think about your purpose. What is it? Now think about why that purpose matters. Think about how that purpose benefits others. Does that give you a new perspective and respect for your purpose? I certainly hope so.

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